I’ve been doing small updates off and on, I added some new links, updated my quilt, and fixed up the callander I’ve been meaning to add ^.^** it shows all kinds of stuff on it, mostly events I’ll be going to or holidays I’ll celibrate! ^.^ and I added some new adoptions to both my adoptions and things I’ve adopted 10-15-03 reopening! my site is now reopened!

I’m slowly adding content to my old shrines but everything else is up, I also have a new e-mail address which is [email protected], I also have cleaned out my clique, I’ve removed broken links & sites that do not have the clique’s link, so if you were a member before and are no longer listed, and would still like to be a member, please rejoin and *please* post the link.

Yet another small update, added some image to the gift page and I’m starting to make page layouts that can be used by anyone ^.^ please feel free to check that out under ‘special’ ^.^